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Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 VMM Update Rollup 2 and failed performance counters (Assigned Memory/Demanded Memory set to 0)

Strange thing happened after System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager Rollback Update 2 – most fields with dynamic performance counters were not updated at all.

It looked like this:

I did try to:

  • reboot of Hyper-V hosts and/or SCVMM 2012 R2 instance (no changes)
  • refresh all host and virtual machines (no changes)
  • remove host from SCVMM console and re-add with ‚Reassociate with this host’ option – It looks like re-installing VMM agents worked.

But in production environment, removing and re-adding all hosts is quite risky bussiness (and what about library and template servers?), so maybe we will try to force re-install scvmm agents?
Let’s look for a most recent one



As you can see on 2014-04-28 with Rollback Update 2 agent has changed to version (3.2.7634.0) but was not refreshed or upgraded on all hosts. I decided to do it manually.

Quick Solution:

  1. Copy vmmagent.msi from 3.2.7634.0 directory to a Hyper-V host or shared network path (for me it was users’s home mounted disk).
  2. RDP to Hyper-V host or do it in any remote execute way you want –
  3. execute (on Hyper-V host) :
    wmic product where name='Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Agent (x64)' call uninstall
  4. execute (on Hyper-V host) :
    msiexec /i your_path_to_files\vmmAgent.msi 
    msiexec /i your_path_to_files\vmmAgent.msi /passive
  5.  Wait few minutes (5-10)
  6. Goto SCVMM, choose Hyper-v host, choose ‚Properties/Status’, click ‚Refresh’Image
  7. Wait few minutes (5-10)
  8. Refresh host and virtual machines.Image

Dear Microsoft. I couldn’t find a proper way to do it with GPO (update failed without removing agent first) or any other way. Do you understand that doing it with a dozens or hundreds of Hyper-V host is not funny, and in a kinda way is crooked thinking?

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2 Maj, 2014 at 16:26

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