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Short answer from Fortinet about WiFi not working in FortiWifi 30D

I bought a FortiWifi 30D unit – happy to have the same features like in my work (IPS, LoadBalancing, dual Wan, protecting my kid from ‚bad side’ of Interner, and WiFi with powerful capabilities).

Imagine my suprise – Wifi never worked. After a 2-3 minutes it began to drop packets like crazy – connection was so unstable I had to connect old router as AP.

Imagine my suprise again – after 6 months long ticket in Fortinet TAC they say – ‚Yes, we know the our product doesn’t work, and yes, we know you paid us in full for 2 next years, and yes, we really don’t care, Kind Regards’

Fortinet Service & Support - Google Chrome_192

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13 czerwca, 2015 at 09:02

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